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Then - Now - Soon

Then - In 1956 the first Sonett was introduced to the public

Now - Sonett as a brand is reborn

Soon - the Sonett family of vehicles will be revealed 

The idea

It´s all about the journey

Home of Sonett started with the idea that life is all about the journey.  Driving the kids to school, going to work, meeting friends at the driving range or going on a road trip with your girl friends. 

Sonett provides you with the opportunity to travel comfortably, safe, with the appropriate attributes and in a vehicle with the majority of the components produced locally or within Europe. 

The Sonett products are made to last and be loved not only by you but also by the next generation. Our goal is that our products will be enjoyed with love and respect and handed over as a longed for gift from you.

With Sonett you always travel in style.

The Emily project

Currently Home of Sonett is raising funds to acquire and finalize the amazing vehicle currently known as Emily GT.

When first presented to the public, the vehicle impressed media, industry professionals and the Saab community globally. Not only the design and out of the box technology but also proving it was possible to create such a mature prototype, from scratch, in just 10 months time. 

With in-wheel-motors, steer-by-wire and wireless charging the vehicle is truly ground breaking.  

The vision of the Emily project is to develop and brand a family of Sonett vehicles including a comfortable sedan, a sporty shooting brake and a head turning convertible based on the Emily prototype. 

Click the button "Emily videos" to view the process of designing, developing and driving Emily

Emily videos

The team

The Home of Sonett team consists of passionate people dedicated to realize the return of Sonett, the legendary sports car from Trollhättan, Sweden. 

Frank Smit

Frank is a true motivator and valued leader with great communication skills and a broad business understanding. He is highly solution oriented with the ability to attract and build exceptionally skilled teams. 

Frank has more than 30 years experience from the automotive industry, international experience in management, product development, leasing, sales and after sales. 

 Frank is a jack of all trades, from renovating his house to rebuilding a classic sports car.  

Peter Dahl

Peter is a passionate technical leader, solution focused and business conscious. He is highly appreciated for his leadership style where he considers more than just the technical aspects. 

He has more than 30 years experience from the automotive industry and a solid experience in leading large international teams.

Peter is an outdoor enthusiast who spends the summer with his family on their sailing boat and the winters skiing. 

Martin Nordin

Martin is a skilled project manager with more than 25 years in the automotive industry. He is always keeping the set goal in mind while coaching the involved teams towards sucessful solutions.

Martin has experience from international research and development cooperations and project management.

On his spare time Martin runs a business trading horses .   

Nadia Smit

Nadia is a fantastic team leader with a natural ability to engage people internally and externally. She is passionate about customer experience, communication and organizing events. 

Nadia has more than 10 years experience in both general automotive development and project management. 

It´s hard for Nadia to say no to a challenge, she loves reading books and enjoys spending time with her family and friends both indoors and outdoors.  

Contact us

Please share your thoughts with us, contact us for more information about the company, the project or any other relevant question. 




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